While Victory Trucking & Supply was founded in 2006 by Becki Frederick, the seed for the company was planted in 1964 when her father, Dennis, founded the family business. When she was old enough, Becki began working alongside her dad, learning all aspects of the concrete business. 

In 1991, she went away to college at Ball State to pursue a career in another field, but after graduating, she decided to use the experience she had gained in the family business to create her own opportunities. She pursued her MBA and owned a few companies of her own in Michigan in subsequent years. In 2000, her brother asked her to come back to Indiana to start a new company under the umbrella of the family business. A few years later, she took the logical next step and founded Victory Trucking & Supply. 

Becki founded the business with two dump trucks, a dream, and a smile on her face -- and she’s still smiling today. In 2017, she purchased Three Rivers Barricade and it became a division of her company. This new division provides traffic control equipment for road projects. 

Today, Victory features an array of equipment that includes 35 tri-axle dump trucks, 5 semi tractors, 1 lowboy truck, a vacuum truck, and 16 mobile field offices, and has built a reputation for safety, quality services, reliability, and on-time delivery. 

The team at Victory attributes its success to a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck, and a great management team, and even though it has grown to over 70 employees, it is still very much a family.